HR Data Management

Company staff HR details are handled and collected very easily and effectively. This data includes:

  Employee personal details
  Employee Dependents
  Employee Next of kin
  Employee experience history
  Employee insurance details (health, life, car ...)
  Employee education history
  Employee license
  ID Cards and passports
  Visas for employee and dependents
  Employee Structure history
  Employee Reporting history
  Employee Grade history



Payroll Management

This is one of the most important information to handle. Payroll engine is very flexible and widely compatible with almost any calculation might be needed. Still it is very easy to customize and include any client specific calculations.

  Define company payroll elements with wide range of options
  Employee (Loan, Gratuity, Leave encashment ...) Automatic handling
  Freeze Month Payroll (Block Changes to a particular month)
  Detailed Repots (Payslip, Payroll Progress, Payroll Master Company/Group Level, Reconciliation…)
  Payroll Dynamic Reports tool to build your own custom reports
  Unified Report Currency (Single month and YTD Reports)
  GL Interface Reports Company/Group Level with ability to export to excel, PDF and word
  Bank transfer reports
  Payroll Graphical Charts
  For group level reports you have to select the currency to show report in



Leave Management

Using the leave engine would make it easy for you and your employees to plan their leave and also to know each leave type balance they have at any date. System also provides:

  Define leave types on group level
  Setup each leave rules per company
  Leave calendar to use per leave setup
  Entitlement style (yearly, monthly, and daily)
  Entitlement ahead of time or after cycle finish
  Entitlement during unpaid days or not
  Request leave from self-service
  Manager approves leave from self-service
  Leave manager loggs final leave approval
  Leave balance progress report from self-service or HR admin
  Company leave balances report at any date
  You can know your leave blance at any date ahead of time
  End of service automatic leave encashment



Performance Management

 One of the most important modules in any copmpany, you can:

  Define questions you want to ask on each evaluation (KPIs)
  Define expected answers for these questions and each answer percentage
  Schedule evaluations to be done by employees or line managers
  Employees or line managers will answer the evaluations scheduled from self-service
  Reports for employee self evaluation and line manager evaluation
  Reports for gap between employee self evaluation and line manager evaluation
  Company level evaluation report
  Compare evaluations for same employee across multi evaluations
  Compare employees’ final score in one evaluation
  Compare evaluations with graphical charts
  Group level evaluation reports



Asset Management

 Lots of companies need this module to control all the assets they assign to employees. We handle the asset from employee HR management prospective not from the financial prospective, you can:

  Define asset types per company (Serial number needed, expiry date needed, employee can log expences)
  Define assets available and handled
  Assign assets to employee
  Return asset from employee
  Employee can request assets from self-service
  Line manager can approve / reject employee requests
  Asset manager can approve / reject asset requests
  Asset keeper has a screen to assign approved assets to employee
  Employees can log asset notes
  HR can log asset notes
  Employees can log asset expenses based on asset type setup, HR can log at any time
  Report of expired assets, this expiry means that this asset should be taken back from employee and does not necessary means real expiry of an asset
  Asset expenses report that allows you to compare which asset is costing you more maintenance for example



Employee Self Service

This is one of the most important modules in system, employee can access his self-service from any PC connected to your server (online if you server is) and log/report needed information related to his leave, payroll, evaluations, asset and any other module in system. It is the core purpose of having HR software:

  Leave request
  Check leave requests status
  Approves / reject sub-ordinates leave requests
  More features related to leave engine and leave reports for self and sub-ordinates
  Payroll reports related to self and sub-ordinates
  Full integration with performance management module to evaluate self or sub-ordinates, and take related reports
  Full integration with asset management module to request assets, report assets assigned to employee or sub-ordinates
  Full integration with any client specific modules



Project Time Management

This module provides the possibility for each employee to log the time he spends on each project in order to get staff time utilization and project staff cost reports.

  Define projects for each company
  Define work activities done for projects
  Employee will log time spent for each project from self-service
  Project management team will get reports for the time spent by employees on projects
  Line managers will get reports for the time spent by subordinates on projects
  Comparison reports and charts can be taken for time spent on projects and activities
  Some clients might use this module as billing system for their clients



Training Management

This module helps the training and development departs to automate and manage training, some clients might like to link this module to performance management, others might like to add training evaluations and evaluation reports. After all we do have the correct solution for each client as per requirements.

  Define training subjects for each company
  Define training providers for each company
  Define trainers with possible link to training providers
  Define training locations
  Employee can request training from self-service for self or subordinates
  Training manager can see list of requests and approve or reject them
  Ones training schedule is created for any training subject, all approved requests can be directly linked
  Employee can see training schedules related to self or subordinates from self-service
  Reports can be taken based on needs to know what training has to be scheduled, and which employees should attend these trainings



Other important modules shown on request