Web Based Application

This application is built using latest ASP.NET technology. It is possible

to host your copy on your local company server or even on your online server. All what you need is:

  Microsoft Windows Server with IIS Service
  ASP.NET 4.0
  MS SQL Server 2008



Multi Company

Create as many companies as you like; company details are saved separately while still you can take group level reports.

  User granted for Single/Multi Company Access
  Across Company Employee Reporting
  Across Company Employee Promotion
  Company level payroll reports
  Company level HR reports
  Company level leave reports
  Unified company payroll currency for payroll reports
  Payroll element specefic currency
  Company specefic currency exchange rates
  Company calendars to be used by payroll and leave engine

Group Level reports
  Payroll reports based on a selected currency
  Leave reports base on any leave type
  Group Evaluation reports
  Group Employee Observation Performance Graphs



Multi Currency

Currencies you use in your payroll are defined in system on group level. System also provides:

  Currency exchange rates are logged per company
  Currency will be defined ones on group level
  Company Unified Currency Payroll Reports
  Payroll elements currency specific
  Currency Selected Group Level Reports
  Group Level Reports Uses Company Specific Exchange Rates
  Date based Exchange Rates



Multi User

 You can create as many users as you need. System also provides:

  Each user can be linked to an employee

  Based on employee linked to user, system will decide current company
  One user can be linked to more than a company, and then user can switch between his granted companies
  Self-Service info is filtered based on current logged in user



Multi Module

 The system is a combination of multiple modules that integrates together and operates as one complete information center.

  Price is based on the modules you want to purchase
  You can use or stop using any module based on your needs
  Additional modules are getting added to system while we continue developing our system
  Current modules can be customized easily to suit your requirements
  You can read details for each of the available modules by clicking the module link on right side



English / Arabic Interface

System is built to work even English only or English/Arabic Bilingual Interface:

  All screens are built with English / Arabic Descriptions
  System lookups are entered using arabic and english descriptions
  While in arabic interface you only can see the Arabic Descriptions
  While in english interface you can only see english descriptions
  System Can operate purely in English with no Arabic at all
  When you use Arabic/English Interface, only Master Data needs to be entered with 2 Descriptions Arabic and English
  Compatible with Hijri Dates for Saudi Arabia Visa Details