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Our software makes your hr activities easy



  The Best Support Ever

Fully Responsive Design

Implementation and Customization


Our message

We are very proud serving various companies across our region, each implementation of the product is an add-on to our success and a very important step towards our product perfection. We surly thank our great clients for their trust and dependence on easyhrsoft, and we will continue trying our best to provide all necessary help to assure stability and high quality service to all reputed companies who put their trust in us.

The product is a combination of various teams experiences putted together and compiled to generate state of that are features to accommodate all possible rules and regulations that suits almost all environments. The most important point that made our clients relaxed is the ability to simply tune product and customize it to accommodate some environment specific rules. As the product is in-house built; we gain your trust by simply customizing whenever it is necessary.


Our Skills

We are specialized in software development, and our team has extended human resources management knowledge, this combination enables us to provide the most helpful support and service to our clients, leading the implementation of each project to reach the productive success we are paid for.


Our Clients

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